We have just had notification from our industry associations and federations that guidance on re-opening will be

published overnight so we will be updating this website and emailing clients with new protocols and safety measures

that we are implementing to keep everyone safe and well.

Please bear with us as we readjust to our new working practices, this is as new to us as it is to you and we will need to

get used to our new normal.

Lastly, thank you for all of your kindness, patience and affection over the past few months, we are overwhelmed by the

support that we have received.

Sorry if this is a little disappointing. Our beauty salon will not be re-opening on Monday. I have taken the decision to leave it closed until the end of the month. As usual it is everyone’s safety that is paramount and the services that we will be able to offer will be very limited, no services are allowed on the face including lashes, brows, waxing, facials and make-up. I am sorry if this is disappointing but I feel it is the right decision. Having been back at work in the salon since Saturday, any more staff or additional clients on the premises has the potential to compromise people’s health and safety, sorry again ladies, Stevie x

Welcome to Denise Lesley Hair & Beauty!

Learn more about us and what we offer by checking out our services list, and meet the team on our staff profile page.

Book an appointment for any of our services online any time - day or night! We will confirm your appointment through e-mail when we receive it. If you would like to get in touch during business hours, check our contact details.

Please Note: Due to the highly varied time allowances that are needed for each hair service, we cannot book hairdressing services with our online booking system although you can book a consultation. To book an appointment with one of our stylists, please contact the salon directly.

Our Story

Established in 1986 our salon has always focused on customer satisfaction in a relaxed friendly environment.Our mission is to provide high quality hairdressing and beauty therapy services using premium products with the strongest emphasis on client care and satisfaction and the best cruelty-free sustainable practices.

We specialise in premium hairdressing and beauty services that don't cost the Earth. This means that we operate as a "clean air salon".

We use OWAY Organic biodynamically grown hair and beauty products that hold the highest of Organic credentials and are Cruelty,  Paraben, Sulphate, Silicone, Artificial Colourant, Synthetic Fragrance,  Phalate,  EDTA, Petroleum, GMO and PEG-PPG-BG FREE. 

The range is zero mile produced and 98% plastic free while constantly striving for 100%

Our Green Pledge.

We endeavour to:

Comply with all regulatory requirements.

Continually improve & monitor our environmental performance.

Continually improve and reduce our environmental impacts.

Incorporate environmental issues in to our business decisions.

Only work with suppliers who reflect our environmental ethos.

Increase employee awareness and training.

Increase client awareness.

Some of the ways that we achieve this.

We use an ethically produced, biodynamically farmed zero mile production products.

Our products are packaged in 98% plastic free whole of life recyclable amber glass & aluminium  packaging. We offer a refill service.

Our colouring bowls and brushes are made from straw.

We use water saving devices where possible in salon using Eco-Head shower heads at our back-washes.

We do not use natural gas.

We use LED lighting throughout the salon.

We recycle all of our salon waste in the most effective ways possible.

We use Paper Not Foil where services allow.

We recycle/compost our coffee pods.

We re-purpose, reuse or recycle wherever possible.

We source eco-friendly, degradable, compostable gloves, capes, cleaning towels and disposables manufactured in the UK and use eco-friendly cleaning products where possible.

We are paper free wherever possible, our magazines are online and we do not hold price lists, style books or other unnecessary paper products. Our client consultation forms are digital.




Gift cards are available in store. Please contact us for more information.


Students will receive a 15% discount with a valid NUS card


Ask in salon for your introduce a friend card and for each friend that you send to us both you and your friend will receive a £10 discount .

This offer is limitless so for every friend introduced the discount will be applied.


All clients over 65 receive a 15% discount on all services. To claim this discount please inform your therapist or stylist.

Client safety and what to expect when attending your appointment with updated  

Government Guidelines.

We are very happy to be re-opening our doors to clients on Saturday 4th July. We have, however, been given  strict guidelines on salon protocol regarding all appointments booked. A full risk assessment has been carried out and we are fully equipped with what we believe is everything to keep you all safe and well.

If you are coming to see us please read the following guide to how your appointment will proceed. We will be doing our utmost to make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible but we are required to work within this very strict framework for every-ones safety. We will be wearing PPE including masks and visors when you attend. Please do  not be alarmed by our appearance we have been instructed that we have to wear them and we are still the same team underneath.

We are prohibited from working on people who are formally shielding or who are exhibiting any signs or symptoms of Covid-19. These include a persistent dry cough or an elevated temperature. We will be taking temperatures using a contactless thermometer on entry to the salon. Please bear with us with this as we have to ensure the safety of all clients and staff.

Attending your appointment.


1:  Please arrive at your booked appointment time. Our appointments have been booked to adhere to social distancing and we have had to remove our waiting area. If you do arrive early we will provide temporary seating under our canopy outside. Please be aware that if you arrive late we may need to re-arrange your appointment. A doorbell has been installed on the salon door if you need to ring for attention. We have two entrances and you will be guided to the correct entrance for your booked service.


2: Please attend your appointment alone as we are limited to the number of people that we are able to accommodate in salon at any one time whilst adhering to social distancing.


3: Please do not bring anything that you do not think that you will need during the appointment.


4: On entry to the building you will have your temperature taken contactlessly. You will also asked to sanitise your hands and  put on a protective mask and shoe covers. Please bring your own mask if you have one but we have several in salon if you need them. You will then be guided  to the room that we have allocated for you. This may be one of our beauty rooms upstairs.


5: During your service we will be practicing the most stringent health and hygiene principles. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide refreshments unless you bring your own cup and we have had to remove all magazines. We have purchased Kindles that can be easily sanitised and a Kindle Unlimited subscription that gives access to a huge volume of free magazines if you would like to use them. We have also installed USB charging points on our salon sockets so that you can charge your devices if you bring your own. Our WiFi password will be made available to you. 


6: We will have to remove our gloves whilst cutting your hair but we will be sanitising our hands regularly throughout the service. All other services will be carried out wearing gloves. These will be replaced for each client and our tools, stations and back-washes will be thoroughly cleaned with high grade cleaning products between each client.


7: We will only be accepting card payments and bank transfers. We will be sanitising the card terminal after each use.


We hope that you understand these precautions are for every-ones safety and in line with Government guidance published last night. Hopefully over time these measures will become a thing of the past and it will be safe to return to normal working practices. Until then we ask for your patience while we readjust to the changes

Organic Way

We are proud to be partnered with Oway (Organic Way), an earth,environment and animal friendly brand. These products are as close to carbon neutral as possible, the biodynamic manafacture and environmentally ethical ideas of Oway alongside their vegan credentials and cruelty free status fit perfectly with our ethos.

With glass and aluminium bottles, production laboratories that rely on renewable energy, fair trade ingredients and respect for animals we invite you to join us and together help make our environment more beneficial to both the planet and ourselves.

De-toxify yourself from chemical agents by choosing products rich in organic, bio-dynamic ingredients and charm yourself with sublime blends of essential oils, phytoperoteins and nourishing butters.. Choose Oway. 

Go over to our OWAY page to find out more about the company and their environmental manifesto.

Nouveau LVL Lash Lift

'Never underestimate the power of your own lashes'

By professionally straightening, lifting and tinting your natural lashes, LVL Lash lift gives you the lashes you've always desired.

Exclusive to Nouveau Lashes, LVL is about freedom. NO mascara, NO maintenance and No messing. Just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up. 

You've already got what it takes, you just don't know it yet. The LVL Lash lift is the revolutionary lash phenomenon that reveals in all their glory. Exlusive to Nouveau Lashes, the LVL effect is about freedom. It's about knowing your eyes will be the centre of attention. Without you having to do a thing. Make the most of what nature gave you. With the legnth, volume and lift effect of LVL.

Check out our Beauty Services page

ALL Clients must have a skin test at least 48 hours prior to this service

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